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Cost Savings Through Waste Reduction

We offer removal, transportation, disposal, and maintenance for facilities that generate food and organic waste, to help keep their operations running smoothly.

With established relationships and open communications with the facilities we serve, we can actively monitor levels and coordinate with production schedules to ensure that operations have little to no down time. We also offer facility maintenance and cleanouts to ensure your facility operates smoothly and cost-effectively, with the least amount of wasted resources possible.

Successfully diverting more than

0 lbs

of food waste per month

from Ontario`s landfills.

A valuable solution.

We serve clients with facilities throughout Ontario that strive to reduce waste and embrace sustainable solutions. By offering regular maintenance of equipment, pipes and proper sanitation, as well as delivering water-suspended biproduct to nearby anaerobic digestion facilities. We have a network available that helps in diverting waste from going to landfill so that it can instead be converted into renewable energy and greatly reduce any negative environmental impact.

Organic waste is the first step in the circular economy which is most important in diverting resources into reuse. We support removal, transportation, disposal, equipment maintenance, and monitoring of organic materials to ensure your facility remains productive.

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The Government of Ontario is looking to change.

“to recover and recycle materials back into our economy rather than sending them to landfills… helping us to better protect our communities and keep our air, land and water clean and healthy.”

Source: Made In Ontario Environment Plan, P 39, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks