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Sustainable Growth

Cost savings and soil nutrition management.

Bartels Environmental Services offers surface application and direct injection methods with equipment applications for drag line and quad trains. Our goal is to work with the agricultural industry to ensure that all materials and resources are used and reused to reach their highest potential.

Bartels Environmental Services Inc. offers a variety of land application methods, including spreading, drag line, direct injection, and vertical tillage. We’re farmers too, and are committed to the principle of stewardship, including the ethical and beneficial reuse of source material for crops.

We`re farmers, too.

Bartels Environmental Services is comprised of trained and licensed Non-Agricultural Source Material (NASM) planners and developers, brokers, applicators and operators that all adhere to the strictest environmental standards while maximizing your efficiencies.

Ethical and Beneficial Reuse

“Practiced for more than 30 years, Ontario’s NASM strict land application standards have been successfully developed and enforced to ensure risks to human health, crops, the environment, and Ontario’s water supply are minimized.”
Source: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (For more information:
Our trained and licensed Non-Agricultural Source Material (NASM) planners/developers, brokers, and applicators, ensure that all activities adhere to the strictest environmental standards, while maximizing your return.

Attention to detail, such as utilizing floatation tires on our equipment to minimize soil compaction, and innovative equipment and techniques, such as quad trains and vertical tillage, result in efficient and effective land application.

Using the very latest in GPS mapping technology, our land application team will ensure that your materials are distributed with precision and accuracy.

Whether you require NASM, manure, or liquid digestate, we can assess and develop a nutrient management plan that will help your crops reach their optimal yields.

Looking for soil nutrition
management experts?

With our advanced analysis and soil sampling, you can count on Bartels Environmental Services to help you develop a successful nutrient management plan for years to come.