Source Material Acquisition

We obtain the nutrient source material, such as manure and biosolids, via lagoon, pit, and digester cleanouts, for both the agricultural and municipal markets.

Bartels Environmental offers the best value in the industry by utilizing a highly skilled and experienced team operating innovative equipment and technologies, such as our lagoon agitation crawler.

Operated remotely by our trained operators, the unit is driven into a lagoon, where it turns into an agitation boat. An onboard pump system, capable of moving 10,000+ GPM, is used to maneuver through the lagoon and agitate the solids from the bottom. Once the lagoon is emptied, the machine is able to drive itself out of the lagoon. Capable of being controlled from over 1000’ away, no lagoon is too big; with its powerful pump, you will get superior agitation, even through thick crusts. Better Coverage. Better Agitation. Better Product.

One of our clients recently commented: "our lagoon is 200 ft by 200ft and 12 ft deep. We've always had a mound in the middle...not any more!"

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For digester cleanouts, Bartels Environmental has access to a substantial fleet of vacuum trucks, a vac tanker unit, as well as various pumps and equipment. We also have trained confined space entry teams as safety is paramount.

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