Organic Food Waste Removal Service

Keeping the Circular Economy Moving

Bartels Environmental is proud to partner with eco-friendly companies throughout the GTA to support and sustain the circular economy.

NASM or Non-NASM. Manure. Digestate. From analysis and soil sampling, to nutrient management plan development, through to land application, you can count on Bartels Environmental Services Inc. to optimize and coordinate your soil nutrient management projects from start to finish.

We serve clients with facilities all over North America that continuously make massive strides in reducing waste and embracing sustainable solutions. This particular waffle manufacturer is sanitized weekly, the water-suspended byproduct is collected and treated with reverse osmosis.

The resulting mix is then stored in a holding tank for removal from site. Bartels Environmental then removes 120 cubic meters per week of WASH from the facility and delivers it to a nearby anaerobic digestion facility. We also offer regular maintenance of equipment, pipes, and holding tanks to ensure ongoing efficiencies and proper sanitation.

That’s over 40 tonnes of material being diverted from landfills on a weekly basis and being converted into energy rather than costing a lot of money to be disposed.

A Valuable Solution

Cost savings and soil nutrition management

We offer transportation and maintenance of organics production waste from dissolved air floatation (DAF) systems as well as water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

Through the constant monitoring of the facilities we serve, the levels, consistency, colors and even odors can be treated efficiently. We will help to ensure systems are well maintained through daily communications regarding production rates and daily levels which can also help to discover issues such as leaks, or other unaccounted for scenarios.

We also offer facility maintenance and cleanouts to ensure your facility operates smoothly and cost-effectively, with the least amount of wasted resources possible.

Organic waste is the first step in the circular economy. We support removal, transportation, equipment maintenance, and monitoring of food waste material.

The Government of Ontario is encouraging sustainability.

“to recover and recycle materials back into our economy rather than sending them to landfills… helping us to better protect our communities and keep our air, land and water clean and healthy.”

Source: Made In Ontario Environment Plan, P 39, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

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